Urge Your Legislators to Support Nuclear Energy in Illinois

Experts have sounded the alarm for years that Illinois needs nuclear energy to meet climate goals, like reaching a 100% carbon-free power sector by 2050. But with the Byron and Dresden plants slated for closure later this year, there’s more at stake than climate goals. Not only do nuclear plants provide 87.6% of the state’s carbon-free energy, but the plants directly and indirectly provide 28,000 jobs and generate $3.8 billion in annual contributions to the state’s economy. That means billions of dollars funding local school systems, emergency services and ultimately the livelihood of communities across Illinois is on the line if nuclear plants close in Illinois.

These devastating economic and environmental effects were again reaffirmed by a recent report released from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and now Illinois has a choice to make. Now more than ever, we need YOU to take action and urge them to choose a future powered by nuclear carbon-free energy.

With just a couple clicks, you can send a pre-drafted note to your state legislators, urging them to preserve existing nuclear power plants in Illinois, support local energy jobs and ensure that nuclear carbon-free energy is properly valued as an economic engine and clean energy solution in the state. A future in Illinois without nuclear energy would be economically disastrous – and we have no time to waste.

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Thank you for supporting a brighter, cleaner future powered by nuclear carbon-free energy.