Urge Your Legislators to Support the Zero-Emission Nuclear Power Production Credit Act (H.R. 4024/S. 2291)

As Congress is charting our country’s path forward for clean energy, infrastructure and jobs, it’s important that every source of carbon-free energy is properly valued. When even one source is removed from the mix, more than just America’s clean energy progress is at stake – thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in economic investment, and retaining American independence from reliance on foreign energy sources are also on the table.

That’s why a production tax credit (PTC) for nuclear energy must be passed in Congress, which starts with legislation like the Zero-Emission Nuclear Power Production Credit Act (H.R. 4024/S. 2291). It’s a bipartisan bill that’s modeled after existing PTCs for other clean energy sources and would value nuclear power plants for their carbon-free generation alongside renewable technologies such as wind and solar. It’s time for nuclear energy to be recognized for the reliable, baseload clean energy it provides our country.

By supporting the current fleet of nuclear reactors, this credit could help preserve energy independence and progress on energy goals while prioritizing jobs that help communities thrive – securing the $60 billion nuclear power contributes annually to America’s GDP, the billions of dollars in local, state and federal tax revenue and the nearly 475,000 jobs it supports nationwide as our largest source of carbon-free energy.

Take action today to protect our nuclear plants across the country and secure nuclear energy’s future by urging your members of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 4024/S. 2291 and establish a nuclear power PTC.

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Thank you for supporting a brighter, cleaner future powered by nuclear carbon-free energy.