Support the environmental benefits of nuclear energy!


Nuclear energy plays an essential role in our country’s clean energy future. The generation of electricity from nuclear plants contributes to zero carbon emissions and is among the country’s largest sources of clean energy.

Supporting nuclear plants and investing in advanced nuclear technology could make it possible for us to meet our clean energy or carbon reduction goals.

Across the country, our community supports legislators as they work on plans to secure the environmental effects of nuclear energy. We need YOU to talk to your legislators and help us advocate for the environmental benefits that next-generation nuclear energy can bring to our communities. Are you in?

We take the hassle out of the equation. The form on this page collects your name and contact information because most legislators’ offices require this kind of information to receive letters. After you send your note, share this link with your friends and family to encourage them to do the same. Thank you for your support!


Thank you for supporting a brighter, cleaner future powered by nuclear. Now tell your friends and family to do the same by asking them to join Nuclear Matters.