Nuclear Matters for America 2020


2020 is an essential year for nuclear carbon-free energy. Many issues of the day – climate change, American jobs, foreign influence – are directly related to the evolving role of nuclear energy in America.

This critical energy source plays an essential role in our country’s clean energy future, not to mention its 24/7 reliability and abundant economic contributions. Any candidate for office - whether in the White House, on the Hill or in your hometown - who does not consider nuclear carbon-free energy as an integral part of a clean energy plan is discounting an essential clean energy source for our country.

We need YOU to talk to your legislators and help us advocate on behalf of our nation’s largest producer of carbon-free energy and a key source of skilled jobs.

Are you in?

Tell your legislators why 2020 is the year of nuclear energy!


Thank you for supporting a brighter, cleaner future powered by nuclear carbon-free energy.