Urge Policymakers to Protect Nuclear Energy

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is seeking to advance its rulemaking to address critical threats to our energy grid and help keep nuclear power plants operating. As you know, nuclear energy is reliable and resilient, operating during some of the most challenging circumstances, such as the recent natural disasters, continuously providing power to our homes and communities.

Without government action, nuclear plants will continue to face the threat of imminent closure. We need FERC to prioritize this issue. Energy Secretary Perry said in August that America relies on an “all of the above” mix of energy sources, nuclear being one of the more important. We need your help to urge FERC to move forward with a new rule that will properly value the reliability and resiliency that nuclear brings to our energy grid.

Right now, there is a short window of opportunity to submit public comments to FERC. Tell FERC what nuclear energy means to you and why the government should take the necessary steps to protect it.


Thank you for supporting America's nuclear plants! Now tell your friends and family to do the same by asking them to join Nuclear Matters. 

Here are some of the things you should tell your elected officials when you call them: