Tell Your Legislators to Protect Ohio's Nuclear Plants!

Ohioans for Clean Energy is supporting legislation that will help preserve our state’s two nuclear plants. Senate Bill 128 and House Bill 381 will keep Ohio’s power plants open, protecting thousands of good jobs and $500 million in annual economic impact.

Ohio’s nuclear power plants are critical to our communities, but our elected officials need to hear that message from you. In the form on this page, we have started an email for you to send to your state officials. We encourage you to personalize the email to convey how much Ohio’s nuclear power plants mean to you, your community, and our state.

Nuclear energy provides thousands of jobs in Ohio and powers millions of homes. Complete the email below to tell your legislators to help preserve our state's nuclear plants!


Thank you for supporting Ohio's nuclear plants! Now tell your friends and family to do the same by asking them to join Ohians for Clean Energy and Nuclear Matters. 

Here are some of the things you should tell your elected officials when you call them: